Space opened with Tangent Momentum


Space opened with Tangent Momentum

Tangent 2017
Greenport, NY

Addition and renovation to an existing house, originally built with a hint of Post Modernism character.  This 2-story addition includes textile atelier on the upper level and a guest room on the first floor mostly for aging mother.

Typical elements of Traditional Style were sprinkled on a typical house plan.  The thing missing in the house was the “freedom” of space; everywhere was blocked, enclosed, and separated.

This design introduces the house a “continuity” of the spaces, with a diagram of “Liner Stretch”, at the beginning, which was replaced with “Circular/Tangent Momentum.” 

On the first floor, lattice screen wrapping the guest room provides a ramp, as well as a soft protection of privacy.  The lattice boards spaced with gradually changing rhythm offers a circular progression to the openness.
On the second floor, windows are located on the corners in a spinning fashion, creating tangent connections to the out.