Materializing a Sequence of Stepping Rhythm

Rhythm of Steps

Materializing a Sequence of Stepping Rhythm

Rhythm of Steps 2001
Greenport, NY

Enclosed portico addition to an existing house, with an integrated seat, display shelves for small objects, coat hooks and closets.  Owner wishes to have a cushion between house and street, a private receptor, connects to and protects from the outer-world.
Under a large street tree canopy, the existing house faces a village street.  The back of the house opens to a serene view of a bay, completed with an osprey nest. The separated views can be experienced as a sequence. 
The design of this minimal portico explores the permeation of spaces between street, front yard, house, rear yard, and the bay, while keeping separations and secrecies. 

A new pergola, running across the facade, filters the sky, and ties the front yard to the house.  Wood-lattice panels, fastened with hinges on the wall and posts, protect the privacy from the street. 

Filtered by the lattice, the staggered windows cast diffused light in wall-niches, instead of catching views. 

A stepping rhythm synchronized with the staggered niches creates movement and pause, watching and panning, completing the permeation of spaces.