Historical Village at the Risk of Rising Sea Level

Raising Village

Historical Village at the Risk of Rising Sea Level

Raising Village 2017-

In Long Island, many of village properties are within the basic flood plain, with some less than four feet above sea level.  Every year, storms cause floods in their basements. The incidents are becoming more frequent.  It has become common for the fire truck to go around the village pumping out the flood waters from basements. People are knowledgeable the sea level rise, but majority of them hesitate to even think about it, since they love the villages as they are. 

Certainly many houses in the flood zone have been raised.  But not in historical villages like Orient. Raising historical houses will destroy the historical character of the house, the harmony of the village.  People choose to live here for its character, not to destroy it.

If all the houses were raised above the flood plain, raised boardwalks might replace Village Lane.  Car parking would be at an elevated, shared lot. Canals may be provided to promote water flushing.  Pedestrian bridges fly over the canals reconnecting the boardwalks, like Venice. 

A dike continuously separates and protects the residential area from the riverbank. The dike is a wonder boundary to the wild land where kids can ran all the day long.

You may build a house on a mound above the flood, which may obtain even better views on safer elevation.  If property owners would agree to make the mound next to next connected, it may become like a dike, multiple personally owned.  Contiguous mound may be developed comprehensively, which can protect other houses for owners willing to curtail water views.   Public access will hopefully be integral with it. 

“Dike house” is, however, sort of a cynical solution, a bad dream to emphasize privatizing coastal views. 

“Arbor Houses” may provide a different way to live with water.  It may be away from the historic site, may be just upland of it.  Building a frame, not elevated buildings, on which each house will be built. 

A Village on Arbor” provides a common, safer, elevated platform, leaving wider vistas.   Let creeping vines climbing up the mesh on the frame.  It consolidates the dwellings with space on the platforms.  It consolidates the houses in the environment.