Restoring Connections using Pinwheel Formation


Restoring Connections using Pinwheel Formation

Pinwheel 2016
Peconic, NY

A renovation to reconnect places.
A pool-house addition.

The existing rooms were reasonably large, but were not connected to each other.  Large back yard was not used well since it was not connected to the main spaces.  The owner asked us to re-structure the “house of broken places”.

We selected the “Pinwheel” diagram to re-structure the places.  Pinwheel reclaims the center of space, and allocates circulations to the corners.  Dead-end corners become circulations.

Adopting the existing roofline, facade was cladded with horizontal open-joint rain screen, which was carried over to the pool-house exterior.  The horizontal open-joints create clear horizontal lines, which reinforces the Pinwheel connections beyond the west yard.