Any place can be made with L-form

House on North Fork

Any place can be made with L-form

House on North Fork 1996
Orient, NY

House with 2-bedroom and 1-studio on approx. 1,450 sf. 

The NY Council SARA Design Award 1997.
"SD" Review1994.

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Surrounded by farmlands, this site is completely flat. The coastal climate exhibits a constantly changing sky.  Due to the flag-shaped lot, the house is set back in an open field.
An "L"-form, which simultaneously conveys a sense of openness and closure, was chosen as a device to magnify subtle variations in the landscape. 

A canopy "L" frames the view and draws the eye to the horizon, while it protects a sunny spot beneath. While one "L"-wall creates a spinning movement in the guestroom, another in the living space creates a quiet dining corner. A large-"L" and "floating" windows tempt us to climb the tower. The “L” also separates private spaces from the communal area.
Composed in counterpoint, the "L"s weave loosely a dwelling formation.  Amorphous, flexible walls and roofs cover the spaces between and over "L"-composition.
The house acts as continuous flows of spaces with individualized corners, captured views, and clues to spaces beyond. A range of spatial experiences is fostered for you to explore indoor/outdoor relationships of varying degrees of openness.