Threshold Zoning enhancing Village Activity and Bay Nature


Threshold Zoning enhancing Village Activity and Bay Nature 

Greenport, NY

International Design Competition called for design of Greenport waterfront, ex-Mitchell Park.
Park including but not limited to boardwalk, future marina and a shed for a carousel, restrooms and parking, with the budget of $3,000,000.


This proposal explores the relationship between village and coast, reinforcing each character without negotiation, holding them together without merging.  

Three parallel zones are injected between the street and the bay: Market, Wild Flower Field, and Coast. 
Market Zone expands the street activities;
Strip of Wild Flower Field separates the village and coast, as well as reconnects them (threshold);
Coast Zone is a linear place providing experiences focused on nature and the harbor.
The parallel zoning offers a choice of experiences. Unique vistas are provided for each zone to emphasize their differences. The simple format gives clarity to the site orientation along the coast, while the zones create a sense of depth that belies direct measurement.