Exploration on Translucency

Greenhouse Garage

Exploration on Translucency

Greenhouse Garage1996
Orient, NY

2-car garage, greenhouse, as well as winter workshop.

Architecture Inside-out , 2000
Outdoor Rooms, Rockport Publishers, USA, 1998
The New York Times 3/13/1997
Let’s make a two-car garage, 24x24 feet square, using translucent plastic sheets over a conventional wood-frame structure. It would be a garage or greenhouse.  It would be a lantern at night. 

Through the translucent walls, forms are suggestive.  Objects and landscape are transformed to patches or stripes of colors.  A moon appears as an arc traced on the dark ceiling.

Opaque windows and doors are hung within the translucent walls.   When you open the opaque window, a crisply focused scene will be framed in an unfocused landscape. 

Two walls are opaquely sheathed where the translucent/opaque is reversed.  Translucent window and door are installed on them.  When opening a translucent door, suggested forms become recognizable.

Experiencing uncommon visibilities juxtaposed, relationship between function and thing becomes fluid.  The use of this structure is not limited to just a greenhouse or a garage.  It may also be a workshop, studio, banquet folly or salon.