Wrapping the house with a Vision Filter


Wrapping the house with a Vision Filter

Filtering 2004
Orient, NY

Redesign on the exterior appearance, walls and roof, without changing the interior

AIA Peconic Design Award 2007

The existing structure was a plywood box sitting on a concrete box.  Plywood siding became delaminated. While refinishing was necessary, the owner wished to push a little further to improve the appearance of the building, without changing the interior. 

While retaining a simple box form, the two hard skins, plywood and concrete block walls, were wrapped with the softer lines of cedar 2x2s.  A new staircase to the upper deck goes up. 

Softness and translucency of the lattice wrap made the building more integrated with the coastal surroundings. 

When stepping up the deck stair, installed between house and the lattice wall, you see the 50% of vision through the lattice.  When reached to the top, you will obtain full openness to the water view.
Roof line was also simplified to open the upper deck more to the water.