Minimal House full-filled with diffused light


Minimal House full-filled with diffused light

Diffusion HUT 2015-
East Marion, NY

Minimal House on a tiny woody lot.  Wide wall space for art collections.  Can be used as a house, or private studio.  Target Passive House level energy efficiency.  Separated one car garage with some general storage capacity.

Site is tiny with several large oak trees.  A coastal lake is one block away, but blocked from the view by closely built houses.  Due to the site condition, there is no comfortable openness is expected on the first floor level.  Wide art presentation wall can work with the poor light/view condition on the first floor.

The design explores the sunlight captured on the upper level, reflected and defused to full fill the whole house.  Limited windows on the first floor should not interfere the expansion of the wall.  Corner windows were tested at the beginning, which were simplified and recessed from the focus.  The light diffusion became the up-front concept.