Bridging inside/outside using Diagonal geometry

Diagonal Passage

Bridging inside/outside using Diagonal geometry

Diagonal Passage 2008
Greenport, NY

Two bedroom residence with two studies, a greenhouse, and a detached garden shed, good indoor air quality. “ Modern, Green” building with open plan, approx. 2,400 SF. 

AIA Peconic Design Award 2009
Energy Star
LEED for Homes (Platinum)


The site is a narrow (50 feet wide) and long (166 feet long) property.  To avoid making just a “buffer side yard,” we started to sketch inside/outside interlocked plans, keeping the existing trees.
Due to the tight lot, however, the interlocking spaces appeared everywhere skinny, long and complicated.  After some while, a diagonal division replaced the interlocking division of the site.  
A line diagonally running from the southwest to the northeast divides the site evenly into two zones: dwelling and yard.  The diagonal wall on the division line provides openness from everywhere in the house without constrained by the side boundary close by.

It provides progressive changes of scales along the wall, from wideness to intimacy.  The same happens in the yard, from squeezed entry to the garden. 

The roofs and walls are made of structural insulated panels, which provide superior energy efficiency. The mono-slope roof faces south for a future solar panel installation