Inset Boxes in rustic Barn and Shed

Barn Studio

Inset Boxes in rustic Barn and Shed

Barn Studio 2001
Orient, NY

Renovation to a six-stall barn/garage, a half to be a family retreat, other half to remain as storage/workshop

Oculus, AIA New York, 2002 11/2001
In a historical waterfront village on the North Fork of Long Island, this six-stall barn/garage sits on a property line facing an alley.  A shed stands closely behind the barn. The rustic appearance of the two buildings, standing side-by-side, is part of the character of the village.  Preserving the characters and updating the space for the contemporary use should be executed.
Adopting the appearance as they sit together, the design inserts two box-spaces: a “Semi-enclosed patio” and a “Light Box”. 

A “Semi-enclosed patio” was inserted between the two structures, revealing only a hint of the interior changes, while providing openings for light and access. 

“Light Box,” a translucent half-box incorporating shelving and a new skylight, was inserted in the middle of the Barn, between room and storage.  It transmits sunlight directly to the workshop, while diffuse the light illuminates the “Barn Room”. In a reversal at night, the study light glows through the partition, as seen from the workshop.