Exhibit a Riverbank View

Art Sites Riverhead

Exhibit a Riverbank View

Art Sites Riverhead 2006
Riverhead, NY

Art gallery and office complex on a two acre lot on the Peconic riverbank. The two functions: art gallery and architectural office will have flexible connections and separations, sharing spaces and utilities. The rear yard, one story below the street level, extending to the river, will be used as a sculpture garden.

A renovation to an existing CMU building for use as an art gallery and architect’s office.  The two acre lot drops one story level away from the constant traffic on the busy road to the bank of the Peconic River.  The back yard is a serine riverbank calmly sloping grass field surrounded by naturally grown trees, where a grim of river is in view through the trees. 

This project focuses on the vista form the side yard on the street level, overlooking the riverbank, preserving the view, providing a place to gaze at. 

The side yard is paved with white pea gravel, serving as the observation deck, entry plaza, and an exterior exhibition space. 

To reconnect the two levels between the white plaza and the green yard, two connection devices were provided: a wooden, straight staircase and a graveled ramp spirally following the slope.  The busy commercial street and the bucolic river were juxtaposed.